Monday, December 11, 2006

txt2pdf 9.2 and txt2pdf PRO 9.2 released!

txt2pdf 9.2 and txt2pdf PRO 9.2 released!
We have released a major txt2pdf PRO release (fron 8.x to 9.x).
We have align txt2pdf PRO to txt2pdf.
The new feature of txt2pdf is -test to run a test without conversions.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

New partnership with Cronus Consulting

Cronus Consulting logoCronus Consulting (a company that specializes in the migration of applications to Open System platforms) has signed an agreement with SANFACE Software to use txt2pdf in his ESP Products.

Read more information about the agreement

Cronus Consulting is also the official South Africa reseller.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

txt2pdf PRO + crypt 9.0 (with pdf in background)

txt2pdf PRO + crypt 9.0 is out!
txt2pdf PRO + crypt 9.x is the standard txt2pdf PRO 9.x distribution + the possibility to encrypt a PDF-file (set permissions, set user and owner password, set 40 or 128 bit encryption).
In version 9.x txt2pdf PRO + crypt support the possibility to use like background a pdf.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

i-Modulas project

i-Modulas Software BV is a young Dutch software developer that brings an established and respected solution for the rental business of construction machines and materials to the internet. The users of i-Modulas rent the usage of the i-Modulas solution per user by the month. To start i-Modulas, they have to go to from where they can start the application.

Most i-Modulas reports are stored in text format in personal user directories from which they can be viewed or printed. With txt2pdf we have added a third option “make a pdf” to this. By pressing a function key the text report is converted to a pdf file and shown in the default pdf-viewer. From there it can be printed, but also e.g. mailed to a colleague.

Read the detail of the project

Friday, March 03, 2006

Official dutch language territory reseller

We have made an agreement with Datraverse and now Datraverse is the SANFACE Software official dutch language territory reseller, i.e. Belgium and The Netherlands (if you don't like to use directly RegSoft).

Write us to become a SANFACE Software official reseller!