Thursday, June 29, 2006

txt2pdf PRO + crypt 9.0 (with pdf in background)

txt2pdf PRO + crypt 9.0 is out!
txt2pdf PRO + crypt 9.x is the standard txt2pdf PRO 9.x distribution + the possibility to encrypt a PDF-file (set permissions, set user and owner password, set 40 or 128 bit encryption).
In version 9.x txt2pdf PRO + crypt support the possibility to use like background a pdf.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

i-Modulas project

i-Modulas Software BV is a young Dutch software developer that brings an established and respected solution for the rental business of construction machines and materials to the internet. The users of i-Modulas rent the usage of the i-Modulas solution per user by the month. To start i-Modulas, they have to go to from where they can start the application.

Most i-Modulas reports are stored in text format in personal user directories from which they can be viewed or printed. With txt2pdf we have added a third option “make a pdf” to this. By pressing a function key the text report is converted to a pdf file and shown in the default pdf-viewer. From there it can be printed, but also e.g. mailed to a colleague.

Read the detail of the project