Thursday, November 03, 2011

SACO new official German reseller

SACO logoSANFACE Software has a new important official German reseller: SACO They support Unix/Linux systems and Informix databases/4GL programs since 1994.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

LOGIN INFOTECH new official Indian reseller

LOGIN INFOTECH logoSANFACE Software has a new important official Indian reseller:LOGIN INFOTECH:
No:63,Ist Main Road,Seshadripuram,BANGALORE: 560020, Karnataka-INDIA
Mail : , Website: Office: 080-23563500/01/02
Set up in 1996 Login's Software Distribution division has been able to achieve excellence in the field of distribution and Marketing through strategic planning and highly competitive Executives.
We are value-added partners of Industry Giants such as Microsoft Corp, Oracle, and Novell in their distribution and technical support activities. We are also authorized dealers of SCO, Sybase and Informix. Being licensed importers we also import software that are not available in the country for our clients. We have a strong team of technical support executives to support our marketing team and provide our customers with value additions and providing with customized solutions.
Being Licenced Importers and Exporters, Login also Imports software on behalf of its clients. Login is also Value added reseller of various U.S based companies

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SZEGED Software signed an agreement with SANFACE Software

SZEGED Software logoThe SZEGED Software Inc. was founded in 1989, and our subsidiary in Romania – Pharmalog S.R.L. – was founded in 2006. Our profile is the software developing from the beginning. Since the foundation we have been developing applications, which satisfies special information claims of pharmaceutical wholesalers. The initial local used stock recording system has been developed into a robust, multi-user, complex, logistic information system with rich functionality: PharmaLog system.

Our application has made in Magic 5.62. It's running on Unix. Our system is generating reports day by day and we are using txt2pdf to convert text reports to pdf format.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

EAO Computing has signed an agreement with SANFACE Software

EAO Computing has signed an agreement with SANFACE Software. EAO Computing, Inc. offers programming services for Progress and Pick based hard goods distribution systems from Infor and Activant.
We use txt2pdf Pro to allow our users to send forms, such as invoices, statements and purchase orders, with professional quality graphic backgrounds via email in a pdf format.

Cronus product release ESP version v7.1.1 now utilises the SANFACE products sendemails and txt2pdfPRO

Cronus Consulting logoCronus Consulting has extended their agreement with SANFACE Software.
The new Cronus product release ESP version v7.1.1 now utilises the SANFACE products ‘sendemails’ and ‘txt2pdfPRO’ exclusively and is supplied with each installation of the EspBatch software.
SANFACE played a vital role in compiling the programs for various target platforms which enables Cronus to ship code with confidence, regardless of the target operating system.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Thursday, March 03, 2011

SWREG is our ordering system

RegSoft has stopped the service and SWREG is our new Ecommerce provider.
We need few days to configure everything.
Contact us if you are not able to buy directly our software.