Thursday, March 31, 2005

Camgar Consultants and SANFACE Software partnership

Camgar Consultants has signed an agreement with SANFACE Software.
Camgar Consultants, located in Toronto Canada and specializing in WDS-II and other Progress based software applications, was founded in 1996 by Gary Mittleman. In addition to providing software maintenance and customization services to its clients, Camgar also provides one-stop out sourced IT management services for organizations without in-house IT departments, assuming responsibility for all aspects of clients' data requirements.
The company has made modifications to various Progress based packages to allow emailing reports using txt2pdf. Blank paper reports, invoices, purchase orders, etc. have been modified such that the user can email the document as a PDF attachment using standard Unix mail. Actual forms, like invoices, use the user's logo and form image.
The company has been working with Sanface for several years and finds the package easy to use and the technical support the best.

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