Saturday, February 03, 2007

Cronus Consulting uses sendemails

Cronus Consulting logoCronus Consulting (a company that specializes in the migration of applications to Open System platforms) has signed an agreement with SANFACE Software to use sendemails in his ESP Products.

Cronus Consulting enabled their EspMail products to support multiple attachments (Binary or Text) by using sendemails from Sanface.
The use of the product removed the complex coding issues commonly experienced when sending email messages from Unix via SMTP or sendmail protocol.
Using sendemails Cronus can now attach multiple datasets together with embedded messages with the greatest of ease.
Cronus offers a state of the art email and PDF service for any Natural/Adabas Open Systems installation by using the Sanface txt2pdf PRO and sendemails products.

Read more information about the agreement

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